Registering as a non-resident in The Netherlands

If you are visiting the Netherlands to work or study, you will need a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer - BSN)

RNI general information

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You will need a BSN for example as an employee, in education, health care, taxes, to open a bank account and other matters concerning the Dutch government. There are two ways to register as a non-resident in The Netherlands, depending on your situation.

You are staying in The Netherlands for less than 4 months?

Then you can register with these municipalities: Alkmaar, Almelo, Amsterdam, Breda, Den Haag, Doetinchem, Eindhoven, Goes, Groningen, Heerlen, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Terneuzen, Utrecht, Venlo, Westland, Zwolle.

To obtain a bsn you have to personally come to the RNI desk of that municipality. For the municipality of Goes an appointment is mandatory. You can make an appointment at You then choose for the product "RNI inschrijvingen" or call to the number 14 0113, to make an appointment, if you want to make an appointment from abroad you can call us on the number +31 113 249600. 

You are staying in The Netherlands for more than 4 months?

Then you have to register in the municipality where you live or where you are going to live. Even then you will receive a BSN.

Where and how to register?

To register, you need to go in person to that particular municipality. The municipality of Goes works by appointment only. Make an appointment at and choose the product 'Inschrijven vanuit het buitenland' or call the number 14 0113 to make an appointment, from abroad +31 113 249600.

You must bring

Be on time

Registering will take approximately twenty minutes. It's important that you're on time for your appointment. We can't garuantee we'll be able to help you if you aren't on time. In these instances we request that you make a new appointment.

When you want to cancel your appointment or want to increase or decrease the number of persons, we request that you cancel your appointment with the link in the conformation mail or by contacting us, dial 14-0113 (from abroad +31 113 249 600) or by e-mail .  

Registration of a minor

A registration of a minor shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • The child (and the same goes for babies) must appear in person at the RNI desk with a valid passport or identity card (no driver licence or residence permit).
  • Children under 16 must be present at the appointment with atleast one of the parents. Both child and parent(s) need to show a valid passport or identiycard.
  • To determine whether the present adult indeed is a parent or legal representative one must bring an international birth certificate not older then 6 months, but it can also, for example, be a statement by a court in case of supervision. It is important that the RNI desk determines what the relationship of the adult to the child is and that this Court shall have jurisdiction.
  • Legalized foreign documents must conform to the circular of Justice. 

Registering groups by employers or employment agencies

If you would like to register a group of more than 6 people as an employer or employment agencie, please contact us at e-mailadress:

More information

You will find more information about registering as a non-resident in the brochure “Registering as a non-resident in The Netherlands”, translated into 5 languages (English, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian)Hoe kan ik mij inschrijven in de Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen (RNI)? | Wonen & werken | | Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken