If you want to apply for a new passport, you can make an appointment at the city office in the municipality where you are registered. During this appointment, we will prepare the application for your new passport together with you.

Apply for a passport

You can make your request in 2 ways:

  1. You start your application digitally. You pay directly online. You then make an appointment to complete your application at the counter. Your identity will be established there and your passport photo and fingerprint will be added to the application.
  2. You make an appointment to apply for a passport. The complete application is made with you at the desk. You also pay at the counter.

If you have to make an urgent application (pick up the next working day, if the application is completed at the desk before 3 pm), the application cannot be started and paid online, because we want to help you as quickly as possible and we cannot to lose. Additional costs are associated with an urgent request.

Prepare the application with DigiD, pay with Ideal and make an appointment at the desk.

Make the appointment and pay at the counter with a pin

If you apply for the passport for your child(ren), your child must be present at the appointment at the desk and then when collecting the passport. You can then collect your passport at the information desk of the city office with the collection receipt that you receive from us with the application. For urgent applications that are completed before 3:00 PM, this will be the next working day, for regular applications, this will be within 5 working days after your desk appointment. The processes are broadly as follows:

Prepare with DigiD when applying, pay and make an appointment.

Step 1: Start application online with DigiD and payment via iDEAL

Step 2: Desk appointment to complete the application

Step 3: Pick up travel document at the reception (without an appointment)

Make an appointment and pay at the counter with a pin.

Step 1: Make an appointment for the counter

Step 2: Desk appointment to make the application and payment by debit card

Step 3: Pick up travel document at the reception (without an appointment)

Urgent request

Please contact us by phone to make an appointment. Phone number: 14 0113

When you come to the city office, take all IDs and passports you have with you, even if they have expired, and also take a passport photo that meets the requirements for passport photos. You can also take your passport photos in the passport photo booth in the central hall of the municipal office. The passport photo booth is not suitable for children under seven years old. If you have not yet paid for your passport via Ideal, please also bring your debit card.

Permission form to apply for a passport

Up to the age of 18 For children up to the age of 18, you must obtain written permission from both parents or the person who has custody of the child. You need this permission during the appointment at the city office, which can be done via the digital permission form with DigiD .

The new national passport

The new passport model no longer contains a citizen service number (BSN) on the front of the holder page, the machine-readable strip and the chip. From now on, the BSN is printed on the back in legible numbers and the BSN is processed in a QR code. In addition, some security features have been updated in the new model and a number of sustainability improvements have been implemented. Would you like to know more about the new passport model? Then take a look at the website of the central government.

Lost or stolen passport

If your passport is lost or stolen, report this as soon as possible to prevent misuse. This will be processed immediately if you report the missing digitally with DigiD. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, you can report the missing at the reception during an appointment, please make sure that you indicate this when making the appointment. Lost your passport abroad? Then first report this to the local police. You then report the loss digitally with DigiD or during an appointment at the desk. If your passport is missing and you want to make an urgent application, keep in mind that this will probably take a little longer. Are you leaving today? For more information about an emergency passport, visit

Traveling abroad with your child

Are you traveling abroad with your child? Then your child must have its own passport or ID card. If your children have a different surname than you, you will need proof that you are the father or mother, or have parental authority. You can read more about traveling with children on the Marachhaussee website. Do you not have custody of the child? You use the permission form for traveling abroad with a minor to demonstrate that you have permission from the persons who have custody of the child for the trip abroad.

Cost 2023

Cost 2023
Passport for adults aged 18 and older (valid for 10 years) €77,85
Passport for adults aged 18 and older, with urgent application €130,85
Passport for young people up to 18 years (valid for 5 years) €58,85
Passport for young people up to the age of 18, with urgent application €111,85