Adjustment of data in the Non-Residents Registration (RNI)


You can change some of your details in the Non-Residents Registration (RNI). You can update your address online via the Digital Relocation Abroad Portal. For other changes, you need to go to the municipality of Goes, which has an RNI desk.

Wich details can I change?

  • Your address details 
  • Your nationality 
  • Your first name 
  • Your last name 
  • Your gender 
  • Your place of birth or your country of birth 

Note: You cannot have information about your marriage, divorce, or children updated. This information is not recorded in the RNI.

Note: To change the use of your name (the way the government addresses you), you must contact your last municipality of residence in the Netherlands. You can only indicate that you want to revert to the use of your own (birth) name.

Having information updated at the RNI desk

Do you want to add or update your nationality? Or change your place of birth, country of birth, gender, first name, or last name? Then you need to visit our RNI desk by appointment. To have your information updated at the RNI desk, you need:

  • A valid passport or a valid identity card. 
  • The original documents proving that your personal details have changed. Check with the RNI desk which documents you need to bring. Foreign documents may need to be legalized and translated.

Submit address change online

Are you already registered in the RNI? And are you moving from one address outside the Netherlands to another address abroad? Then you can submit your address change online via the Digital Relocation Desk for Abroad. You need DigiD for this. You can also make an appointment for this change at the RNI desk.

Submit address change online

Are you not yet registered in the RNI? Then you cannot submit your address change online. Read how to register in the RNI.

Submit changes to other organizations

Is your situation changing? Often, you need to update your details with one or more Dutch government organizations.

Read more about updating information with the Dutch government from abroad.